Development Services

Program Description

The Department is responsible for protecting the public health, safety and welfare by coordinating all development activities for new construction, renovations and property maintenance. Through this coordination, the department seeks to accommodate the needs of the residents and businesses of the community, while implementing the development according to the codes, ordinances and plans adopted by the Planning and Zoning Commission and City Council.  

Our roles include supporting the City Council, Planning and Zoning Commission, the Board of Zoning Adjustment, the Building and Standards Commission, the Kaufman Economic Development Corporation, the Fire and Public Works Department.  The division has regulatory responsibility for Building Inspections, Code Enforcement, Consumer Health, and Economic Development in the City and ETJ.  

It is our privilege to assist you and we strive to be accessible and timely in addressing all inquiries. We strive to have all available information easily accessible to you on this web site and on the web page.


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The Development Services Department is comprised of multiple development related divisions that include:

Building Permits and Inspection Services
Code Compliance Services
Planning and Development Services
Public Health Services

Special Programs

2019 Zoning Map

​This is the Zoning Map that staff uses to determine the zoning of a piece of property.  The zoning tells us what kind of uses are allowed and how it needs to be developed.

To view this map in a larger format, please go to the Form section, located on the left hand side of this page and look under Development Within Kaufman.
Zoning Map 2019-01-09 Kaufman

Zoning Ordinance - Updated 6/26/2016
Click Here for Subdivision Regulations
Neighborhood Enhancement Action Team (NEAT) 

​The Neighborhood Enhancement Action Team (NEAT) has won several awards including the 2013 Texas Municipal League Excellence City Spirit Award and the 2012 Chamber of Commerce Civic Improvement Award.

​NEAT is designed to enhance the quality of the selected neighborhood through the concentrated delivery of services and programs provided by the City. The City’s goal is to raise awareness of codes, zoning ordinances, provide information on accessing city services & promote clean and safe neighborhoods.

​Twice a year, during the Spring and Fall, we work on cleaning up one neighborhood at a time by working in partnership with the City staff, neighbors, volunteer groups, and local businesses.

NEAT Area Maps

Welcome to the City of Kaufman Handbook

The Welcome to the City of Kaufman Handbook is intended to help you become familiar with City services, and to ensure that you understand those City ordinances and services that affect you, your quality of life, property values, and the community health in your neighborhood.

​ Each one of the ordinances, regulations, and services were adopted to help sustain the high quality of life we appreciate here in Kaufman. We strongly encourage you to read each section, become familiar with your monthly City utility bill, understand your responsibilities as a resident, and know who to request help or report code violations to City staff.

Welcome to Kaufman Booklet Cover Page