Building Permits and Inspections

Program Description
Protecting the public’s health, safety and welfare is our department’s highest priority.  The construction of safe buildings is achieved through the adoption and application of nationally recognized building codes adopted by the Planning and Zoning Commission and City Council.  The International Code Council or ICC is a nationally recognized association which publishes the International Building Codes.  The City of Kaufman has adopted these codes and our Building Inspector and Plan Review are charged with reviewing and inspecting all construction activities within the city, in conformance to these standards. 

Through the issuance of building permits, certificates of occupancy, and fire & safety inspections, ensures that all structures conform to the adopted codes.  This division strives to ensure accessory structures, pools, fences and additions are safe and compliant.  Removal of unsafe structures in order to provide a safe environment is a top priority.

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MyGov.US Software
We have software that will make developing in the City of Kaufman even easier and quicker! With a contractor can register and pay online. Once a contractor is registered, a building permit can be requested, plans can be submitted, review comments will come directly to you, payments can be accepted and permits can be issued online.

Please go to the Form page for a step-by-step guide on Getting Started, Contractor Dashboard, and Permit Types & Trades.

Building Inspector and Plan Reviewer
Building Code Consulting Services (BCCS) is a company contracted by the City of Kaufman to conduct residential and non-residential building plan reviews and building inspections based on approved plans.  Some minor plan applications may take 1-3 business days to review and can be approved by City Staff.  Regular construction plans take City Staff (Planning, Public Works and Fire Department) 7-10 days, plus 5-10 business days for BCCS to review and comment on an application.  The review time may need to be extended depending on the complexity of the plans.  

Fire Sprinkler permits are permitted by Development Services, but reviewed in house by the Kaufman Fire Department.  Submit your plans to the Development Services Department and they will be forwarded to the Fire Department for review.  If you have any questions regarding fire sprinklers or the 2009 International Fire Code, please contact the City of Kaufman Fire Department at 972-932-3538.

Adopted Codes
(*with local amendments)

            2008 National Electrical*
            2009 International Building Code*
            2009 International Existing Building Code
            2009 International Mechanical Code*
            2009 International Fuel Gas Code*
            2009 International Energy Conservation Code*
            2009 International Fire Code*
            2009 International Residential Code
            2009 International Property Maintenance Code
            2009 International Sewage Disposal Code
            2009 International Plumbing Code*

 Additional Information 

Form Board Surveys
A form survey sealed by a State of Texas Licensed surveyor will be required to be on site for the plumbing rough inspection for new construction of both residential and non-residential structures.

Plan Review Fees
Plan Review Fees will need to be paid before staff will review your project.  It can be made in the form of cash, check or credit card.