Locating a Business Here

Thank you for considering Kaufman as the home for your business. The City has certain requirements to ensure the compatibility of your business, and that the public’s health, safety, and welfare is protected. We look forward to assisting you in meeting or exceeding these requirements, and answering all of your questions that you may have.

Business Licenses
Kaufman County Clerk - Laura Hughes - 972-932-4331 Ext. 1105
 State law requires all businesses to file a DBA (Doing Business As) in the County Clerk’s office in which the business will be located, which is Kaufman County.  Depending on the nature of the business, additional State, County, and/or City licenses may be required.

Choosing a Location:
Development Services: 972-932-2216
In order to optimize your business, your location is very important to you and to the city. For more information on choosing a location please review the Zoning Ordinance 
to make sure that your business will be in an appropriate location.

The condition of the specific property is also important – for example, a storefront that has enough parking for a retailer may not have enough parking for a restaurant. If you plan to modify the building and/or site of your business, you will need a permit. Some types of businesses may require specific improvements, such as fire sprinklers, grease traps, electrical or ventilation upgrades, disability access, or additional parking spaces.

Historic properties, located in the Central Business District, are required to have any changes to the exterior, including the paint color, approved before any work is started.
It is important to contact the City of Kaufman's Development Services Department before leasing or purchasing a property or modifying the building or site.

Building and Site Modifications:

The City of Kaufman requires permits for new construction, additions, remodels, repairs and demolitions. Permits provide for the examination of plans, prior to construction, to assure compliance with building and zoning requirements. Permits and accompanying inspections help assure safe construction with sound materials.

New development requires the property to be platted and to be zoned in a manner that will allow the specific type of the new business. A site plan is required for all new developments and for any business that adds 10% of additional gross floor area. Since the platting, zoning and site plans are reviewed by the Planning and Zoning Commissioners and City Council, it is important to meet with the Director of Development Services as soon as possible.
Home Occupations (home-based businesses):

The City of Kaufman regulates home-based businesses. Standards for controlling home occupations are to help minimize annoyance and inconvenience to neighboring property owners within residential areas. The standards are intended to allow reasonable and comfortable enjoyment of adjacent properties, by their owners, while providing opportunities for the pursuit of home-based businesses.


Kaufman Chamber of Commerce - 972-932-3118 
Kaufman County Clerk - Laura Hughes; 972-932-4331 Ext. 1105 
Development Services - Andrew Bogda: 972-932-2216

Small Business Development Center - 214-860-5859
The SBDC offers free or low-cost classes and individual consultation for establishing, marketing and expanding your small business.
Occupational Licenses, Permits & Registration
Trinity Valley Community College - 903-675-6200
US Small Business Administration: ADA Guide for Small Businesses