Disaster Relief

Disaster Proclamation 

As a result of the recent winter weather damages to property and utilities, Mayor Jordan issued a Proclamation Declaration of Disaster on February 26, 2021. To view the entire proclamation please click here


Plumbing Permitting Fees

 The City of Kaufman will be waiving Plumbing permitting fees provided
 that the plumbing contractor performing the work is registered with the City and provides required documentation (copy of the property owner’s insurance claim) to the City such that the City may verify that the work has been performed in accordance with state code and City Ordinance standards.

Plumbing Inspections

 In order to reduce the inconvenience experienced when residents must remain home to wait for inspections of work performed by contractors, inspections will be performed virtually via the process adopted by the Building Official and in accordance with ICC procedures.  

Bill Adjustments

Water Bill Adjustments

The City of Kaufman will be adjusting the water consumption amounts for residential and commercial customers for the period in which the February Sever Weather Event occurred to be the lesser of the city's average residential consumption; or the customer's consumption during the same period in 2020, or for newer customers, the lesser of the city's average residential consumption; or the average of the customer's average monthly consumption amounts prior to the February Severe Weather Event.

Sewer Rate Adjustment

When Calculating the the 2022 sewer rate the City of Kaufman will use January and February 2021 water consumption meter reads only when calculating the 2022 sewer rate.