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Kaufman Fire Department

The Fire Department is comprised of nine full-time employees and twenty volunteer fire personnel in four divisions: Fire Administration staffed by two people working a 40-hour week; Fire Operations staffed by two paid personnel working 48 hours on/96 hours off with 3 shifts and backed up by the Kaufman Volunteer Fire Department; Fire Prevention staffed by listed personnel; and the Division of Emergency Management staffed by fire administration personnel. The principal function of the Fire Department is to provide the citizens of our community with traditional fire department services, such as fire suppression, rescue services, emergency medical response, fire prevention, public safety education, mitigation of incidents involving hazardous materials and weapons of mass destruction, and city-wide emergency management coordination. Other “non-traditional” services are also administered by the fire department, including enforcement of city premise codes and ordinances, and fire safety inspections of single and multi-family residences and commercial properties before occupancy.

  1. Ronnie Davis

    Ronnie Davis

    Chief of Fire

  1. ferris watson

    Ferris Watson


  1. Wade Balard

    Wade Ballard


  1. Tanner Jones

    Tanner Jones


  1. Robert Staggs

    Robert Staggs


  1. Grady Campbell

    Grady Campbell

    Driver Engineer/ Firefighter

  1. Garrett Sprabary

    Garrett Sprabary

    Driver Engineer/ Firefighter

  1. Chris McCarter

    Chris McCarter

    Driver Engineer/ Firefighter

  1. Rusty Bateman

    Rusty Bateman

    Driver Engineer/ Firefighter


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