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Posted on: September 3, 2018

Notice of Public Hearing - Creation of Public Improvement District



Pursuant to Section 372.009(c) and (d) of the Texas Local Government Code, as amended (the “Act”), notice is hereby given that the City Council of the City of Kaufman, Texas (“City”), will hold a public hearing to accept public comments and discuss the petition (the “Petition”), filed by JWS Land, Ltd., a Texas limited partnership (the “Petitioner”), requesting that the City create the Kaufman Public Improvement District No. 1 (the “District”) to include property owned by the Petitioner.

Time and Place of the Hearing. The public hearing will start at 6:00 p.m. September 24, 2018 at City Hall, 209 S. Washington St., Kaufman, TX 75142.

General Nature of the Proposed Authorized Improvements. The general nature of the proposed public improvements (collectively, the "Authorized Improvements") may include: (i) street and roadway improvements, including related sidewalks, drainage, utility relocation, signalization, landscaping, lighting, signage, off-street parking and right-of-way; (ii) establishment or improvement of parks and open space, together with the design, construction and maintenance of any ancillary structures, features or amenities such as trails, playgrounds, walkways, lighting and any similar items located therein; (iii) sidewalks and landscaping, including entry monuments and features, fountains, lighting and signage; (iv) acquisition, construction, and improvement of water, wastewater and drainage improvements and facilities; (v) projects similar to those listed in subsections (i) - (iv) above authorized by the Act, including similar off-site projects that provide a benefit to the property within the District; (vi) special supplemental services for improvement and promotion of the district; (vii) payment of costs associated with operating and maintaining the public improvements listed in subparagraphs (i) - (vii) above; and (viii) payment of costs associated with developing and financing the public improvements listed in subparagraphs (i) - (vii) above, and costs of establishing, administering and operating the District. These Authorized Improvements shall promote the interests of the City and confer a special benefit upon the Property.

Estimated Cost of the Authorized Improvements. The estimated cost to design, acquire and construct the Authorized Improvements, together with bond issuance costs, eligible legal and financial fees, eligible credit enhancement costs and eligible costs incurred in establishment, administration and operation of the District is not to exceed $10,000,000.

Proposed District Boundaries. The District is proposed to include approximately 85.500 acres of land generally located East of County Road 151 and North of State Highway 34, located within the City and as more particularly described by a metes and bounds description available at Kaufman City Hall and available for public inspection.

Proposed Method of Assessment. The City shall levy assessments on each parcel within the District in a manner that results in imposing equal shares of the costs on property similarly benefited. All assessments may be paid in full at any time (including interest and principal), and certain assessments may be paid in annual installments (including interest and principal). If an assessment is allowed to be paid in installments, then the installments must be paid in amounts necessary to meet annual costs for those Authorized Improvements financed by the assessment, and must continue for a period necessary to retire the indebtedness of those Authorized Improvements (including interest).

Proposed Apportionment of Cost between the District and the City. The City will not be obligated to provide any funds to finance the Authorized Improvements, except for assessments levied on real property within the District and possible tax reinvestment zone revenue, if created. No municipal property in the District shall be assessed. All of the costs of the Authorized Improvements will be paid from assessments and from other sources of funds, if any, available to the Petitioner.

During the public hearing, any interested person may speak for or against the establishment of the District and the advisability of the improvements to be made for the benefit of the property within the District.

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