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Location, Location, Location...

Kaufman is an attractive community of 7,500 people located just a few miles outside the Dallas, Texas city limits. We enjoy all the amenities of small-town living, but we also enjoy the diverse resources of a major growing metropolitan community of Dallas-Fort Worth.


Job Expansion

The City of Kaufman is committed to creating new jobs through expansion of existing industry or assisting new industries to locate in Kaufman. 

Zoning Ordinance

The City has just completed an update of the Zoning Ordinance (PDF). We hope that it is more developer-friendly yet protects residents from neighborhood erosion, the key to what makes Kaufman what it is.

Expand Retail Services

Currently, the City, Kaufman Economic Development Corporation, and the Chamber of Commerce have a common goal to expand our retail services into a regional commercial center. Kaufman lies in the center of one of the fastest-growing counties in Texas. One of the major four-lane divided highways running southeast out of Dallas (State Highway 175) runs through an expanding residential area where there is prime property still available for commercial development at some of the lowest prices in the Dallas area. If you are looking for a commercial site in an expanding market, contact the Chamber or KEDC for more information.