Development Services

The Development Services Department is responsible for planning, zoning, subdivision regulation, building safety, and public health within the City of Kaufman. Our department also handles subdivision regulation within the City’s extra-territorial jurisdiction (ETJ), which is a 1-mile radius around the City limits. We provide staff support to the Planning & Zoning Commission, Zoning Board of Adjustment, Building Standards Commission, and City Council. Our goals include:

  • Providing quality and timely customer service to all residents, businesses, and development professionals in the development and improvement of property within the City
  • Properly administering the City’s regulations relating to planning, zoning, development, building safety, and public health
  • Continually advancing planning initiatives to improve the quality of life in Kaufman and meet the goals and vision for the community as directed by the City Council

Building safety, permitting, plan review, and inspections are handled by the Building Safety Division. Planning, zoning, and subdivision regulation are handled by the Planning Division. Food & alcohol permitting and food safety inspections are handled by the Public Health Division. Please see the division pages for more information on each.

2019 Zoning Map

This is the Zoning Map that staff uses to determine the zoning of a piece of property. The zoning tells us what kind of uses are allowed and how it needs to be developed.

To view this map in a larger format, please Click Here!

Zoning Map 2019-01-09 Kaufman

Welcome to the City of Kaufman Handbook

The Welcome to the City of Kaufman Handbook is intended to help you become familiar with City services, and to ensure that you understand those City ordinances and services that affect you, your quality of life, property values, and the community health in your neighborhood.

Each one of the ordinances, regulations, and services was adopted to help sustain the high quality of life we appreciate here in Kaufman. We strongly encourage you to read each section, become familiar with your monthly City utility bill, understand your responsibilities as a resident, and know how to request help or report code violations to City staff.

Welcome to Kaufman Booklet Cover Page