City Manager's Office

The City Manager leads, directs, and coordinates all City operations and staff. The position is, in effect, the Chief Executive Officer, who answers to the “Board of Directors,” the Mayor, and the City Council, elected by you, the citizens of Kaufman.

The City of Kaufman operates under a system of local government called the Council/Manager form. The elected officials (Mayor and City Council) are the community leaders and policymakers who establish a vision for Kaufman, and who hire the City Manager to carry out that policy and ensure that all residents are being equitably served. The City Manager coordinates the work of department heads and other employees, who help ensure the smooth and effective delivery of services.

About the City Manager

Mike Holder was appointed the City Manager on March 1, 2023.  Mike previously served as the Assistant City Manager from 2017-2023 and Police Chief from 2008-2011.  He also served as an Assistant City Manager, Director of Public Safety, and Police Chief for the City of Colleyville and served the City of Dallas for 20 years.  Mike has a degree from Amberton University in Human Relations and Business.  He is a member of the ICMA, TCMA, NTCMA and previously served as the President of the North Texas Police Chiefs Association.

Duties & Responsibilities 

  • Implements City Council policy
  • Encourages and provides for citizen input regarding City operations, services and programs
  • Engages in special studies and projects to ensure productive operations
  • Serves as a liaison to other governmental entities
  • Prepares the annual budget, submits it to elected officials for approval and implements it once it is approved
  • Manages the day-to-day operations of the City